Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dual Blade Training Tips [Lvl 10 - 120+]

  • Some of the training spots may not be suited for certain players due to the various funding of a character.
  • There will be Dual Blade quests, so be sure to do them. I am unsure if they will be required, but some of them give you Dual Blade equips.        -last updated 07/21/10
[Level 10 - 20]

*At level 10, you will start off as a normal Thief Rogue and will advance to Dual Blader at level 20. 
*There will be many beginner quests that will help you get to Level 20 easily.

Henesys Party Quest
- If you don't feel like training, these is a decent PQ that will easily take you to Lvl 20.

Henesys Pig Mini Dungeon
Monsters: Ribbion Pigs, Pigs

Monsters: Octopus, Bubbling

[Level 20 - 50]

Lvl 21 - 31: Kernings Party Quest

- This PQ will allow you to get some decent scrolls along with exp.

Lvl 25 - 31: Monster Survival Party/Individual Quest
- This is a great way to earn MP/HP pots. 
- The EXP is also pretty good. Starting at lvl 25, you should be able to earn around 50 - 70% worth of exp at once, depending on how many monsters you're able to kill. 

Lvl 20 - 30: Sleepywood: Mini Dungeon - Cave of Mushrooms
Monsters: Zombie Mushroom and Horny Mushroom
-Located two maps to the right of Sleepywood.
- This is a really good training spot since you can do the "kill 99 horny mushrooms and 99 zombie mushrooms" quests to gain extra exp. 
- Another thing is that Zombie Mushrooms drop Chaos Scrolls, so who knows, you might get lucky. ;)

Monster: Sand Rat
- I suggest talking to Manji at Perion and complete her quest. Her quest will allow you to teleport to Ariant for free 5 times.

Monsters: Sand Rat and Scorpion

-Again, I suggest speaking to Manji to teleport you to Ariant.

Lvl 30 - 51: Monster Carnival (CPQ)
- This is a good pq to gain coins and trade them for higher level blades. 
- Also of course, its good for leveling at a decent pace.

Lvl 30 - 40: Drumming Bunny Dungeon
- Drops Chaos Scroll

Lvl 30 - 45: 
Monster: Nightmare
- EXP: 120
- Located in Haunted House

Monster: Iron Mutae [EXP: 102]
Location: Magatia - Area B-3
 Video Link

Monster: Mithril Mutae
Location: Magatia - Area B-1

Lvl 40 - 50: Straw Target Dummy
EXP: 135
Location: Mu Lung (Map Link)

Lvl 45 - 55: Roid

EXP: 168
Location: Magatia

Lvl 40 - 60: NLC
Monster: Gryphon
EXP: 220
Location: NLC (Link)

Monster: Dead Scarecrow
EXP: 220
*They have the same exp and hp as Gryphon, the only difference is that they don't fly around to knock you down.
Map Link

Lvl 45 - 60: Trucker
EXP: 160
Location Link

Lvl 45 - 60: Neo Huroid

EXP: 205
Location: Magatia

[Level 50 - 70]

Lvl 50 - 65: Vodoo/Hodoo
EXP: 335
Location: Haunted House

Lvl 50 - 70: Mysterious Path 3 (MP3) in Singapore
Monsters: Selkie Jr. [EXP: 220] and Slimy [EXP: 250]
- Big and Fast Spawn

Lvl 60 - 70: 
EXP: 800
Location: Crimsonwood Keep
- If you can't reach Crimsonwood Keep, access this map instead Link
Guide to Crimsonwood Keep

Twisted Jesters
EXP: 1325
HP: 50,000
Location: Chimney in Haunted Mansion
  • At Level 70 - 80, Windraiders will still be decent exp.
  • Same goes for Jesters, if you can kill at a decent speed, the exp rate will be okay.
[Level 70 - 90]

EXP: 1650
Location: Crimsonwood Keep
Wolf Spider
EXP: 1200
Location: Masteria
-Drops Ilbi throwing stars

EXP: 1,220 
Location Link
- It's a flat map, so use Flying Assaulter.
- You will need to have done Neo City quests to enter this map. 
Blue Kentaurus
EXP: 1600
- If you're unfunded, you can start training around Lvl 80.

[Level 85 - 95]
EXP: 2,000

 EXP: 2,500

Hime / Dreamy Ghost
EXP: 3,200
- This is a good map for Lvl 90+ 
- Use Flying Assaulter

[Level 100 - 120+]

  • From here onto Level 120+, maps located in Temple of Time are very good training spots. I do not want to list them all out because there are too many. All the monsters there drop 'Piece of Time' which can be use to make Reverse Weapons. Here is a link to the Temple of Time maps. Temple of Time Link 
 Skelegon & Skelosaurus
EXP: 4500 & 4750

Nest Golem & Skelosaurus
EXP: 4450 & 4750