Wednesday, December 1, 2010

GMS Tespia: Quick Summary + More Screenshots + videos!

Awhile ago, the Tespia server came to a close, so I wanted to give a brief recap of what to look forward to when Big Bang is patched.
During Tespia, Resistance was NOT released yet. Instead they had a grayed out picture like the one above when creating a character. Whether or not Nexon plans to release Resistance on Dec 7th is unknown. Although it is most likely to be available after Part 1 of Big Bang.

-New EXP Curve + Mini Map
As you can see below, the HP/MP/EXP Bar has been changed in terms of looks. Thats not all though, the EXP required to level has been significantly lowered. So look forward to faster leveling!
The mini map has also been changed to a more simplified version with just plain dots and lines. Personally, I find this new mini map not so appealing. Luckily, you are given a choice in the System Settings to alter it back to the old one.

- Skill changes and Increased Damage
Many skills have been changed (either increased or decreased) to balance all the classes. Some skills like the one below (Big Bang) now hits 5 times. Other skills like Assaulter, Band of Thieves, etc can hit more than once.

- Delays on "Ultimates" attack
A 30 - 50 sec cooldown time has been placed on skills like Genesis, Blizzard, Meteor, etc. 

- New animations for some skills
The skill you see on the left is the new improved animation for I/L Mages' 2nd Job Cold Beam skill. Pretty cool huh?
It was not just Cold Beam though, Cleric's Bless, Heal, and Holy Arrow received new animations.

 -New Skills added
Many new skills have been added to the skillbooks for the Adventurers/Explorers. Mages have all been given Magic Mastery as well as Teleport Mastery. Teleport Mastery allows mages to deal damage while teleporting.
Bandits received Shadow Partner, balancing them with the Night Lords.

- Critical Rate
Every character now automatically has originally 5% critical rate. The picture on the left shows 35% because its a screenshot of my Evan, which has a skill that adds 30% critical rate. Also, all magicians now have an attack range.

- Unconfirmed New Feature
In Tespia, players were given a choice of choosing "NX" based looks when creating a new character. There has been many controversies dealing on whether or not this feature will be implanted. It has not yet been confirmed this is a  Tespia feature only or not. View the videos below for more info on this feature.