Friday, July 30, 2010

Tips on Earning Mesos

Earning money from Quests
  • Quests play a key role in earning money, especially when you're first starting off.
  • Below are a list of really good quests that can earn you some decent money.
  • The Levels listed below are the level requirement you will need to begin the quest.
  • I will try to update the list as new quests are added into the game.
Lvl 21 - 30 Kerning's Party Quest (KPQ)
- If you can find a decent party that can complete the PQ at a decent pace, you might be able to obtain some Scroll for Overall Armor for DEX 10%.
- Selling these scrolls can help those who are starting off and need a little bit of spending money.

Lvl 36 - Subani's Legacy
Reward: Scroll for Gloves of ATT 60%
Link To Quest Guide
- This scroll usually sells for around 6 - 8+ mil depending on which server you're in. The prices for these fluctuate a lot and so there is no solid price.

Peace at Eos Tower
- I forgot what level requirement this had but I would say around Lvl 40.
Reward: Scroll for Gloves for ATT 60% or 10% (random)
Link to Quest Guide
-There are several pre-requisites for this quest, but they all involve eliminating monsters. 

Lvl 85 - Eliminating Blue Mushmom
Reward: Random 60% Weapon scroll, 60% Armor scroll, or Lvl 100 Sword Earrings
Link to Quest Guide
- This quest may be a little difficult to complete because the Blue Mushmoms don't spawn as often, but if you do happen to catch one, it can be rewarding.

Items To Sell For Good Profit

Maple Anniversary Items
- This is where I usually make most of my money and nx.
- During the annual Maple Anniversary Event, I strongly suggest collecting as many Maple Equips as you can. 
- Several months after the Event has ended, the prices will slowly rise and this is your chance to sell them either in the FM or MTS.
- Maple Staff and Maple Shields are usually yield the most profit, so try to get a hold on those.

Potential Items
- Equips with potential can sell for a lot money.
- Try to collect potential earrings from monsters. After identifying the earrings, they can be sold for quite a bit of money if they add extra stats. I cannot give an estimate of how much these can sell for because the prices are constantly fluctuating in the market.
- Instead of identifying every single equips you find, sell them when they are unidentified because they can sell for more.

Earning Mesos with NX

In the process of editing

How To Earn Free NX

Nexon's Free Offers
-If you do not know yet, the Nexon website offers free NX. The NX is free to a certain extent. You must complete Surveys, complete offers, etc. 
- On the, click on 'Get NX' and then click on on 'Earn Free NX.' A list of offers will appear. Click on the free tab to filter out the ones that you have to pay.
- I personally use this method to earn a lot of my NX. It can sometimes be long and tedious work, but in exchange, you get free NX. =)
- Although I have not tried all of the offers and not very familiar with how some of them works, I can say that the offers that give less NX seem to work best for me.
Search & Win Visit this Link to Sign up.
- This is another website I use to get NX. It's a very simple website, you sign up and use their search engine to earn points, known as SwagBucks. The points/swagbucks can then be exchanged for prizes. These prizes can range from many things from electronics to clothes. I usually use my points to get NX.
- They currently have the "Ultimate Game Cards" in stock. These cards are similar to the Prepaid NX cards, but you can use them for many other games too. If they have these in stock, I suggest getting these instead of PayPal money because its cheaper and less points.
- The points can be exchanged for Paypal money. You can then use the money in your Paypal account to buy NX through the Nexon Website.
Visit the Link below to Sign up:
- Another way I get my NX is from this website. I like this one the best because it's the easiest and fastest to earn money for Paypal. I prefer this website over "Nexon's Free Offers." 
- This website is similar to Nexon's Free Offers. You are given a list of surveys/offers and a point value for each of them. The point values are in US Dollar currency. Once you have completed enough surveys/offers that add up to $5, you can do what's called "Redeem points" or "Cash Out/Withdraw." What's great is that you are given many choices to withdraw from. You can cash out the $5 as Amazon Gift Cards, Ebay Gift Cards, Visa Gift Card, or PayPal. 
- I always cash out into my PayPal account because that way I can use the money for NX. Another great thing is that when you cash out in PayPal, you receive the money almost instantly. After I click withdraw, I see the money in my PayPal account almost right away. They will also send you a E-mail verifying that the transaction is complete.
- Registrations for this website is only for those in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. They will probably add more countries in the future. But for now, sorry to those who cannot sign up. =(

Nexon Newsletter
- To subscribe, go to and click on the bottom left that says "Nexon Newsletter"

Here's a picture of how one of the newsletters from last year looks like. Because my account had not been active for a couple of months, Nexon sent me this code that can exchanged for a Pet and 2x EXP card to come back and play. I had a number of inactive accounts at that time, so I had several of these codes. I saved most of the codes and ended up using most of them upon the release of Cygnus Knights and Aran. 
- Keep in mind that these codes are usually given to Inactive members only.
- Because I've been pretty active, I do not know if Nexon still gives these out for the current inactive maple members.
- Obviously the code below has already been used, so don't bother trying to use it. xD

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lvl 120 Dual Blade Master: Alistun [Bellocan]

It was not long since the release of Dual Blades that I was able to reach lvl 120. This goal was reached much quicker than I had thought. I've been preparing for this job for a while now. It was very expected that Nexon would include NX skill mastery books, so I MTSed a lot of maple daggers to have enough nx to buy them. Below are pictures of the some of the equips and nx I had prepared on my Dual Blade. All of the equips were self scrolled and some makered. ^_^ I didn't want to spend much money on weapons or equips, so I makered most of them, like the Lvl 100 Katara. For the Attk gloves, Shoes, and Cape, I reused from my other characters.

I know that a lot of you guys are wondering if I had to play all day to reach Lvl 120 in this short amount of time. My answer would be no. I bought one of the ten day 2x EXP cards, so I usually trained during those 4 hours of 2x EXP. And on the weekends, there were two 2x EXP events that lasted 2 hrs each and I trained during those times. So everyday is 3 -4 hrs of 2x EXP and on weekends are the additional 2 hours from the 2x EXP Event. Of course during the training process, I used 2x EXP Family Buffs, a Ring Mule, and Holy Symbols to speed up the training.
How many levels per day?

From Lvl 30 - 80, it took around 8 - 10 mins per level and 10 - 15 mins per level from 80 - 120. So that is around 6 - 7 levels per hour. Depending on which day, I averaged out about 24 - 28 levels from each 3 - 4 Hr 2x EXP sessions. This is by far the fastest leveling process I've had since Cygnus Knights. :D

After reaching Lvl 120, I'll probably take a break from training. I will be updating the Dual Blade Training Guide soon because I've noticed some of the training spots are not efficient at some levels.
As of now, I'll be posting up new Resistance: Wild Hunter videos. So those will be coming up very soon. =)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Bang Patch in KMS

Recently in KMS (Korean Maple Story), the new Big Bang Patch was launched. This this patch introduced many new features and changes. Victoria Island had a complete alteration, meaning the maps have all been changed. The levels of every single monster has also been changed. The exp to level up has been greatly reduced. There is also a new game resolution.
What's best of all is the new balancing for every class. Lots of new skills have been added and changed. The damage for the skills have also been greatly increased. To view all the changes to each character, I recommend checking out the Revamp extractions on

Big Bang Opening Video

Along with the Big Bang Patch, KMS has announced the release day for the new Jobs 'Resistance.' Resistance will be released on July 22nd. While GMS is releasing Dual Blade, KMS will be patching Resistance.
Resistance consists of two jobs: Wild Hunter and Battle Mage. Wild Hunters use crossbows while Battle Mages use Staves and Wands. I will be creating a Wild Hunter because Battle Mages remind me of Aran where you have to repeadly spam the CTRL key. xD So I'll try to post Wild Hunter videos as much as a I can. =)

On August 12th, KMS will be releasing a Mechanic Job. There isn't very much information on this yet, so I can't really say much about it. But it has something to do with Resistance as well.

Big Bang Map Tours
  • I did a quick tour for every map in Victoria Island and parts of Ossyria and Ludibrium. You'll notice that lot has changed after this patch. 
Victoria Island Tour Part 1
Victoria Island Tour Part 2
Victoria Island Tour Part 3
Victoria Island Tour Part 4
Ossyria (Orbis / El Nath) Tour
Aqua Road / Ludibrium Tour

New Cleric Character  

I made a new character in KMS  to see how much the Big Bang patch has changed it. I started a cleric and surprisingly it only took around 2 Hrs to reach Lvl 30 without 2x EXP. Also, the skills have changed. Magic Claw can now hit 2 monsters and a much farther range. I recorded a preview about when I was Lvl 28. You will see that I can hit golems on top platforms from a far range.
I recently reached Lvl 35 and will be uploading a new video soon. In the new video, you will see that the damage for Heal has been greatly increased. Holy Arrow has also improved. So far, I am liking the new changes for the Cleric job. ^_^