Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Bang Patch in KMS

Recently in KMS (Korean Maple Story), the new Big Bang Patch was launched. This this patch introduced many new features and changes. Victoria Island had a complete alteration, meaning the maps have all been changed. The levels of every single monster has also been changed. The exp to level up has been greatly reduced. There is also a new game resolution.
What's best of all is the new balancing for every class. Lots of new skills have been added and changed. The damage for the skills have also been greatly increased. To view all the changes to each character, I recommend checking out the Revamp extractions on

Big Bang Opening Video

Along with the Big Bang Patch, KMS has announced the release day for the new Jobs 'Resistance.' Resistance will be released on July 22nd. While GMS is releasing Dual Blade, KMS will be patching Resistance.
Resistance consists of two jobs: Wild Hunter and Battle Mage. Wild Hunters use crossbows while Battle Mages use Staves and Wands. I will be creating a Wild Hunter because Battle Mages remind me of Aran where you have to repeadly spam the CTRL key. xD So I'll try to post Wild Hunter videos as much as a I can. =)

On August 12th, KMS will be releasing a Mechanic Job. There isn't very much information on this yet, so I can't really say much about it. But it has something to do with Resistance as well.

Big Bang Map Tours
  • I did a quick tour for every map in Victoria Island and parts of Ossyria and Ludibrium. You'll notice that lot has changed after this patch. 
Victoria Island Tour Part 1
Victoria Island Tour Part 2
Victoria Island Tour Part 3
Victoria Island Tour Part 4
Ossyria (Orbis / El Nath) Tour
Aqua Road / Ludibrium Tour

New Cleric Character  

I made a new character in KMS  to see how much the Big Bang patch has changed it. I started a cleric and surprisingly it only took around 2 Hrs to reach Lvl 30 without 2x EXP. Also, the skills have changed. Magic Claw can now hit 2 monsters and a much farther range. I recorded a preview about when I was Lvl 28. You will see that I can hit golems on top platforms from a far range.
I recently reached Lvl 35 and will be uploading a new video soon. In the new video, you will see that the damage for Heal has been greatly increased. Holy Arrow has also improved. So far, I am liking the new changes for the Cleric job. ^_^



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