Monday, August 9, 2010

GMS Tespia [Version 0.1] Preview

Tespia is Global MapleStory's "Test Server". The test server contains new content that are to be tested before its release in the Public Server. Test servers tend to contain glitches and bugs, so the job of the test server is to allow players to find and report them so it can be fixed. Nexon invites a selected number of players to Tespia. I do not know how they selected the players nor did they state how they were chosen. Nexon allowed us to copy one character from out original accounts to the Tespia. This seems much better than having to level up a new character. I chose to copy my Lvl 120 Evan, AIistun.

The Official Link to the Tespia Website is: Http://
The website is only viewable to players who have been chosen to play in Tespia. For those who are curious of how it looks like, I took a screenshot of it and you can view it below. Click on the picture to view the full size.

The new content seems to be an Event tied to Omega Sector. I didn't really read much about the quest lines while doing them so I'm a bit confused about the story. All I know is that there are aliens attack and there is a OSSS Organization Secret Base. xD I guess I'll just let the screenshots do the talking then. lol

One main thing that I noticed about the new monsters are their attacks. Their attacks strangely resembles the Adventurer and Cygnus Knights' attacks. I'll show and explain to you what I mean below.

Dawn Warrior's 3rd Job Skill
- Soul Driver

Purple colored Soul Driver
Dawn Warrior's 2nd Job Skill
- Soul Blade

Blue colored Soul Blade

Warrior's 1st Job Skill
- Power Strike

Blue colored Power Strike
Gunslinger's 2nd Job Skill
- Ice Splitter
I wasn't very sure about this one. =/
The ice attack surrounding me is from another monster using Arrow Rain.
The attack next to me seems like Dual Blade's Final Cut perhaps?
Crusader's 3rd Job Skill
- Armor Crash

Chief Bandit's 3rd Job Skill
- Assaulter

I took as many screenshots as I could and will continue to as I advance further into the event. So I'll try keep you guys updated as much as possible.
*Click on each image to view the actual size.

Video currently uploading... (Check my YouTube Channel)


  1. Ew @ the 3rd to last photo. I don't want a dirty bum roaming about Henesys.

  2. Hi Alistun how do i log in Tespia?

  3. HEYY help me i wanna make a kms but i dont no how

  4. So the resistance classes and the new maps are not out yet?

  5. you need 2 kssn's one for you and one for your parent, note that the age difference between the 2 kssn has to be at least 20 years apart and your parents name must match with the kssn or else it wouldn't work.

  6. Alistun,i'm fan of you're vidoes. you awesome!
    well i want to ask you something,can you make KMS Account for me? or just KMST?
    i really want try the Mechanic job or just play under the Big Bang .
    Thank you,Orel.

  7. Alistun are you a boy or a girl. This is NOT aimed at feelings btw

  8. Lol alistunn :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDd