Sunday, April 25, 2010

Evan Training Tips [Lvl 10 - 30]

  • *Training places can vary from each person depending on the fundings on the character
  • If you're highly funded, use the training spots that are specified for higher levels to maximize your leveling.
*One of the most important thing to do when training an Evan character is to keep up with the required Evan Quests. These quests are a MUST to gain SP points and certain medals.

[Lvl 10 - 20] 

- Complete the Evan quests, this should give you enough exp to level a bit.

Henesys Party Quest
    - If you don't feel like training, these is a decent PQ that will easily take you to Lvl 20.

    Henesys Pig Mini Dungeon
      Monsters: Ribbion Pigs, Pigs
      - Located two maps to the bottom right portal of Henesys

      Monsters: Octopus, Bubbling

      [Lvl 20 - 30]

      Lvl 20 - 31: Ariant Coliseum
      - This isn't a very popular PQ, but I thought I'd put here anyways to remind that this is also decent exp.

        Lvl 21 - 31: Kernings Party Quest

          - Be careful at boss (King Slime). Because Evan characters do not have Magic Guard until Lvl 30, King Slime can kill you in 1 - 2 hits.

          Lvl 25 - 31: Monster Survival Party/Individual Quest
            - This is a great way to earn MP/HP pots. 
            - The EXP is also pretty good. Starting at lvl 25, you should be able to earn around 50 - 70% worth of exp at once, depending on how many monsters you're able to kill. 

            Lvl 20 - 30: Sleepywood: Mini Dungeon - Cave of Mushrooms
              Monsters: Zombie Mushroom and Horny Mushroom
              -Located two maps to the right of Sleepywood.
              - This is a really good training spot since you can do the "kill 99 horny mushrooms & zombie mushrooms" quests to gain extra exp. 
              - Another thing is that Zombie Mushrooms drop Chaos Scrolls, so who knows, you might get lucky. ;)

                Monster: Sand Rat
                - I suggest talking to Manji at Perion and complete her quest. Her quest will allow you to teleport to Ariant for free 5 times.

                Monsters: Sand Rat and Scorpion

                -Again, I suggest speaking to Manji to teleport you to Ariant.


                1. ahahahaha thanks for the advices and tips (:

                2. interesting...i wanna try evan, anyway can you give me some tips on how to add evan AP? i heard that it needs int and luk but wat is the best recommended ratio?

                3. 4 on luk and 1 on dex (:

                4. be a pure int and have high dmg but have little equips to use

                5. where do you find the monster survival quest?

                6. sssoooo confusing

                7. Where is mr lim?

                8. Mr Lim is in Kerning or Dimensional Mirror
                  and select abandoned subway

                9. i cannot getout of ariant

                10. No body ever does Henesys pq in Demethos

                11. and how can I return to Heneyes of Sleepywood

                12. I dont recomand Sand Rats.
                  That should be deleted since they are level 70-80 now.

                13. @ the guy that needs help to get out of ariant. To get out of ariant, go 2 maps into the place with sand rabbits. You will need 10k, and you need to talk to this guy named karcasa. He will send you to a random town in VI. Or, you can go to the genie to ride to orbis and go to ellinia from the ship back to victoria island.

                14. level 78~89 should find a bishop spam genesis in sky nest 2(Leafre)level 89~level108 should find a bishop spam genesis in Spooky World (Kampung village) until level 108 go get a bishop spam genesis in Skelegon maps with 2x coupon & 2x family buff~it's very fast i think 1week can from level78 until 120

                15. how come there are no resistance training guides