Monday, April 26, 2010

Evan Training Tips [Lvl 70 - 120+]

  • *Training places can vary from each person depending on the fundings on the character
  • If you're highly funded, use the training spots that are specified for higher levels to maximize your leveling.
*One of the most important thing to do when training an Evan character is to keep up with the required Evan Quests. These quests are a MUST to gain SP points and certain medals.

Lvl 70 - 75: Windraider
EXP: 800
Location: Crimsonwood Keep
- If you're unfunded, start at level 65.
- If you can't reach Crimsonwood Keep, access this map instead Link

Lvl 71 - 85: Magatia Party Quest
- If you don't want to waste lots of pots for training, I recommend this PQ.
- The EXP is slow, but you can get scrolls and a new pendant.
- The pendant is worth it if you can't afford a Deputy Star.

Lvl 75 - 80: Wolf Spider
EXP: 1200
- Burns lots of pots
- Drops ilbis

Lvl 70 - 80: Red Kentaurus 
EXP: 1600
- Use Ice Breath to freeze them.
- This monster is weak to Ice.
- Becareful of the moles/rats popping out of the holes on the ground that stun you.

Lvl 80 - 95: Blue Kentaurus
EXP: 1600
- Use Fire Breath.
- This can burn quite a bit of pots depending on how quick you kill them.

Lvl 85 - 110 : Gallopera
EXP: 2500
- Really Fast Spawn and EXP
- Crazy Drop Rate
- Use Fire Breath or Earthquake
- If you can kill fast enough, you can probably stay here til Lvl 120.

Lvl 95 - 120+: Blue Wyvern
EXP: 3050
- Decent spawn
- Use Fire Breath or Earthquake

Lvl 103 - 120: Qualm Monk
EXP: 3350
** You will not be able to reach this map unless you complete the Time Temple 
- Drops Piece of Time
- Use Earthquake

Lvl 109 - 120: Qualm Monk Trainee
EXP: 3600
** You will not be able to reach this map unless you complete the Time Temple
- Drops Piece of Time
- Use Earthquake

Lvl 110 - 120+ : Skelegon and Skelosaurus
 EXP: Skelegon [4500] Skelosaurus [4750]
- It would be good to party with someone.

Lvl 109 - 120+ : Qualm Guardian and Chief Qualm Guardian
EXP: Qualm Guardian [4500] 
Chief Qualm Guardian [4960]
- Use Earthquake or Flame Wheel
** You will not be able to reach these maps unless you complete the Time Temple Quests:

*If you are Level 150+ and are tired of Road of Regrets, try to go onto the Oblivion Sector. Since the monsters are fire based, use Elemental Reset.
** If you play MapleSEA, train at Neo Tokyo at higher levels.


  1. Cool what is you faverite Job?

  2. Could you explain... why you used ginseng until 120?

  3. Cake Ftw Nigguhs! O:<

  4. Hey man nobody does MAgatia PQ in galicia so just grind a Wind Raiders and Twin jesters

  5. at 95-120 plus you can do cornians and dark cornians they give more exp the wayvern

  6. Can you help me with the Flying Assaulter, Tornado Spin and Bloody Storm combo?
    Thanks, Zero

  7. now dun hav NLC taxi to crimsomwood? How to get there now?

  8. wow all map has is very COOL when mapleSEA patch?reply faster thank you very much~