Sunday, April 25, 2010

Evan Training Tips [Lvl 30 - 70]

  • *Training places can vary from each person depending on the fundings on the character
  • If you're highly funded, use the training spots that are specified for higher levels to maximize your leveling.
*One of the most important thing to do when training an Evan character is to keep up with the required Evan Quests. These quests are a MUST to gain SP points and certain medals.

 [Level 30 - 50]

Lvl 30 - 51: Monster Carnival (CPQ)
- At earlier levels, it is very difficult to survive due to the lack of Magic Guard. But once you get through those levels, you should be fine. 
- A decent level of Ice Breath will be useful in mobbing.

Lvl 30 - 37: Mushroom Kingdom Quests
- When you reach lvl 30, a quest will pop of saying something like "Mushroom Kingdom in Danger." 
- If you're into quests, these quests will give you a decent amount of EXP.

Lvl 35 - 50: Ludibrium Party Quest
- Located at Eos Tower Floor 101
- It's not a very popular PQ anymore, but it does sometimes give good 60% scrolls for completing it. So if you're bored of training, this might be an option.

Lvl 30 - 50 Training

Monster: Ratz [EXP: 65]
Location: Ludibrium Eos Tower Floor 100
Skill to Use: Fire Circle

Monster: Jr. Wraith [EXP: 70]
Location: Kernings Subway
-This Monster is weak to Fire.

Monster: Chronos [EXP: 82]
Location: Ludibrium: Path of Time

Monster: Cold Eye [EXP: 85]
Location: Sleepywood Dungeon
- This monster is weak to fire.

Monster: Iron Mutae [EXP: 102]
Location: Magatia - Area B-3
 Video Link

Monster: Mithril Mutae
Location: Magatia - Area B-1

Lvl 45 - 55: Roid

EXP: 168
Location: Magatia

Lvl 45 - 60: Neo Huroid

EXP: 205
Location: Magatia

[Level 50 - 70]

Lvl 50 - 65: Vodoo/Hodoo
EXP: 335
Location: NLC > Haunted House
-Use Dragon Thrust / Ice Breath to Mob and Magic Flare for one monster

Lvl 50 - 70: Mysterious Path 3 (MP3) in Singapore
Monsters: Selkie Jr. [EXP: 220] and Slimy [EXP: 250]
- Big and Fast Spawn
- Use Fire Circle or Ice Breath to Mob
- If you're unfunded, start here at a high level; around 55.

Lvl 60 - 70: Windraider
EXP: 800
Location: Crimsonwood Keep
- If you're unfunded, start at level 65.
- If you can't reach Crimsonwood Keep, access this map instead Link
Guide to Crimsonwood Keep

Lvl 51 - 70: Ludibrium Maze Party Quest
- Make lots of Money
- Located in Ludibrium
- Decent EXP


  1. hehe i love ur vids,but most people on youtube are haters....well most people that comment on ur vids are,i think they just jealus lol

  2. i hope evan comes out in ms soon im hoping to train it now as i prepared almsot everything

  3. Can you do one for arans too?

  4. @3rd comment, she has one on her youtube channel. but i can make a little one right here if you want.

    do all the quests in the begining, around 20 go to the mushroom mini map till 30(if you get bored, go to scorpions next to magatia)
    30-34 ish do the mushroom kindgdom quests(free 1 att glove at end also :D)
    34-45 CPQ
    idr what lvl but go get drain
    45 go get combo smash
    45-51 CPQ
    51-60 MP3 (if you aren't funded, i was funded so i went to jesters/wind raiders at 50 ish)
    60-70 go to or continue wind raiders
    70-80(if funded. if not funded, about 85-7 ish) blue kentarus in leafre
    80/87-105 ish go to malaysia and go to "entrance to the spooky world" to kill gallos (gallopera)
    105 ish, leafre high stuff, like wyverns or skelegons/skelesaurus or newties/nest golems

    hope that kind of helped.

  5. You should post pictures of your desktop. Your setup mainly. I want to see your gear your workspace =)

  6. i love ur vidoes but it is hard to beleive that you don't play all day i have played for 5 years and my highest guy is lvl 55. though i have 3 accounts you seem to have a lot also

  7. It is hard to find a good training spot....

  8. Your videos are amazing! They really helped my Aran.

    How were voodoos and hoodoos for leveling though? I was thinking of going there at level 57 (Evan), and magic flaring them. Is that the most efficient way to kill them? Thanks!

  9. I know how to lv up preety quick up to lv 55 but I just need to know how u merch or get the money . If some people don't have apq how do we get the money? Thx And like ur vids on YouTube , thts how I lv up to 55 so fast lol:)

  10. where should i train at lv40 evam

  11. nice guide
    how to make money?

  12. im a lvl 32 evan and i cant lvl so fast even though i have a 72 priest its hard with evan can u tell stuff to get money with i only have 1.4 mil

  13. i just hate the fact that by 9 am everyday mp3 will be full and if u go "occupied" channels they wil scold ur guild via mega. raid ur map etc etc.
    (maplesea) ign kiraDreamz bootes lvl 50 =P

  14. can we train at truckers when lvl 51 ? evan

  15. Amazing guide! :D really helped me, thankss. ^^

  16. LOL ur so cool i saw your videos on youtube and how do u get to lvl 120 so fast!Btw my i have a lvl 53 evan in galicia named EvanSpec.Hes pretty popular there lol! Try talking to me if u ever make a character in galicia .

    Why do you delete your characters after u finish with all the videos?I tried searching all your characters on the ms ranking thing but i never found you

  17. Some Special Evan Quests up to level 51:
    Tutorial Quests (1 - 13)
    Chief Stan Quests (14-21)
    Perion Guard Quests(21-25)
    Herb Stealing in Sleepywood(26 and 32)
    Helping the Poor Puppet (32,38 and 46)
    Grendel's and Chief Tatami's Quests (30- ???)
    Black Wings First Mission (46)
    Mount Quest (50)
    Sailing to Onyx Island(51)

  18. another good training spot you didn't mention from lvls 51-70 is Balrog PQ gives 260k-easy and 520k-normal and can take from 10-20 min. to complete, good place to lvl but hav to get a good party

  19. well, i watched your video on youtube about you killing the windraiders and the mob in mp3 and i was just wondering how come your attack was so high!! my evan lvl is 64 right now, but it only cause roughly 1.9k or 2k dmg on the slimy in mp3. my equips are up to my lvl. i also use the magic att increase in 20mins but it doest increase that much. so i just wondering, wat did u do to get such high dmg?


  21. Nice VIdeos and Evan FTW !

  22. my evan is lvl 42 and my kill ratio is 3k

  23. Um, do you mind updating it to post big bang? i like the guide, but the info is a bit off cause of the update, selkies at lvl 70 will rip you apart faster then anything cause they got bumped up to a lvl 90 moob

  24. How do you get to level 54 so fast after bb also i cant get on during the week so its gonna be hard for me to level anyway someone please make a guide how to level and QUICK!

  25. not for big bang

  26. Wow~ Ur blog is 'BEAUTIFUL~'! But I'm a level 56 evan now, and i dunno how 2 go inside 'Haunted House' can u all gib me some tip on how 2 go 2 'Haunted House'? Ty >u<

  27. after the bigbANG patch the roids are lvl 88 not 45 or something so that sucks